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4/23 at Microsoft: Human Communication Patterns for Techies

27 February 2013 No Comment

NE IT Pro Community Leaders will feature Dan Hermes as a speaker on April 23rd, 2013, 3:00pm at the Microsoft Office at 1 Cambridge Center.  He will cover material from his forthcoming books, Softwareball: How to Play as a Team in the Software Industry and How to Interact with People: Human Communication in the Software Industry.

When: April 23rd, 2013, 3:00pm new time
Where: Microsoft Office, 1 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA map


Topic: Mastering Human Communication Patterns

Missed human connections in the software industry account for most of our project failures.  Improving communication can dramatically improve individual and team performance.

  • Typical Frustrations
  • They just don’t get it
  • They talked at you for an hour and made no sense
  • That meeting was like a construction committee for the Tower of Babel

In the same way that programming languages have interfaces and design patterns, so do human beings.  Problems that appear technical in nature can usually be traced back to failed interactions between people.

We’ll explore:

  • The human interface in the software shop and key patterns of communication. At both the individual and departmental levels
  • Examine techniques for how to listen to and understand others
  • How to be heard and understood yourself.

About the Presenter

Mr. Hermes, principal consultant of Lexicon Systems, has over twenty five years experience as a software management consultant, .NET architect and developer. From start-ups to blue chips, Mr. Hermes has served dozens of software companies striving to develop successful, lasting enterprise systems. He has taught software architecture and development at Northeastern University, Microsoft User Groups, and Microsoft Certification classes at corporate training facilities. Cited on National Public Radio, Forbes, and Reuters, Mr. Hermes has had articles published by Media-N and MIT Press. He has served on the board of the Institute of Management Consultants New England Chapter and is currently director of Art Technology New England(ATNE).

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