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[10 Jul 2011 | Comments Off on Thank You | ]

Thank you for your interest!
I’ll be in touch soon.
Best Regards,
Dan Hermes

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Senior consultant Dan Hermes gives talks and workshops at .NET user groups at Microsoft in Waltham, MA:
Configuration in ASP.NET 2.0
At the hub of ASP.NET applications are configuration files: web.config and machine.config. Configuration settings determine critical aspects of your app: authentication, state management, and database connections, among others. Here are some of the hands-on issues covered:
Web Site Administration Tool (WAT): GUI access to the web.config file
Authentication types: Forms, Windows, and Passport – Which to use and when
Custom Errors: what they’re good for, and when other options would be better
State Management: in …

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[19 Apr 2009 | No Comment | ]
Twitter: An Evolution of Humankind?

Twitter may be the next small step in the evolution of humankind. Social networking ala Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are the next step towards a real-time collective consciousness, intellectual and emotional, where each human being is a single cell in a worldwide human master mind and master heart. Twitter tags and blogspheres are the evolution of clubs, families, boards, organizations, and other communities, with a scale and speed formerly unheard of. We are swiftly moving towards a unified body of collective organisms, self-organizing into cyber-organs or cyber-lobes around social circles, …