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Mobile Trend Becomes Paradigm Shift

22 January 2014 No Comment

St. Peter’s Square between 2005 and 2013

This year mobile is expected to cross the line from trend to paradigm shift.  No longer just for kids and games, mobile phone use is becoming the norm for online access in the US and worldwide.  This means the first choice device for searches, browsing, shopping, and media.  Here are the facts:

By the end of this year we (Yahoo) will have more mobile traffic than PC traffic. – Marissa Mayer, CEO Yahoo!, Jan. 2014

In 2013:
Mobile devices outnumber people. – Cisco
87% American adults own a cell phone. – Pew Internet
84% of cell phone owners say that they could not go a single day without their device. – Huffington Post
Mobile-based searches make up one quarter of all searches. – The Search Agency,  Marketing Charts

In 2012:
55% of Americans said they had used a mobile device to access the internet.
Consumers spend more time interacting with online retailers on smartphones and tablets than they do on desktops and laptops. – comScore
17% of all adult cell owners use their phone for most of their online browsing. – Pew Internet
50% of internet access via mobile in ages 12-29. – Pew Internet

In 2010:
Mary Meeker, a well-known Internet Analyst working for Morgan Stanley said “Mobile will overtake fixed Internet access by 2014.”

It is looking like she may be right.


Is your organization ready for the shift?

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