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On-Line Residential Migrates to .NET

8 January 2013 No Comment


On-Line Residential in New York City provides the city’s most authoritative online residential property listing service.  Founded in the 90’s, the company has moved through several technology platforms, most recently .NET.  Their challenge was to finalize a migration to .NET working with an offshore technology partner, improve the application performance and feature set so that it is up to par with their existing system.   The bar is high at OLR – their customers are used to lightning speed performance and a rich feature set.  The firm’s president and co-founder enlisted Lexicon Systems to assist with the final stages of transitioning the beta product to live.    Working closely with the technical partner and managing director, a direction was set for the review of the company’s product and operations.

Work involved a full .NET architecture review of over one million lines of C# code.  A SQL Server review was called for and executed by consultant Andrew Novick.  A full review of hardware and network was conducted to optimize the production servers for peak loads.  During the duration of Lexicon’s engagement, the company initiated an organized QA effort, a cleanup of disk space and security review across the organization,  reduced their issue list to a manageable med/low-priority backlog, and improved the performance of their product by over 300%.

OLR’s go-live is back on schedule and OLR is still on top.  Congratulations, On-line Residential.

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