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The Internet of Things

23 January 2014 No Comment


One of the most interesting trends in years is emerging now: the notion that the things we use and live in everyday will be online, watching us, hearing us, talking to one another, and communicating with us via our phone.  By ‘things’ I mean our car, our house and its thermostat, lights, and appliances such as refrigerators, exercise equipment, and coffee makers, streetlights, stores and their retail displays and cash registers, museums displays, corporate lobbies, meeting rooms, tourist information booths, buildings, cities, and towns.  This is called the Internet of Things(IoT). We are accustomed to the fact that most organizations have a website and ways for us to buy from them online.  This takes it to the next level.  Objects in the room in which we are standing are also developing a web presence and ways for us to interact with them online, in real-time, using our mobile devices.

Pie in the sky, never-actually-happen technology?  Tell that to our clients using it to revolutionize their industries today.




courtesy of Intel






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