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Institute of Management Consulting: Web 2.0 is Calling

10 June 2010 No Comment



What began as a little donation of web development to a local non-profit has evolved into a series of recommendations and a pilot program for a national organization.  I currently serve on the board of the Institute of Management Consultants – New England Chapter. (IMCNE)  As webmaster and marketing chair I am responsible for the public face of the chapter.  Much work has been done by the National organization to provide a unified web framework for all chapters and the New England Chapter led the charge in the uptake of this technology.  As I began reviewing the webmaster’s work processes I gathered that quite a bit of static HTML coding was taking place in a chapter that is extremely dynamic and is producing new program information and useful web content on an almost daily basis.  This resulted in my recommendation of a content management system designed to handle dynamic content and auto-formatting.  Something that would produce useful RSS feeds for external publication to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Long story short, I got approval and built the site myself in WordPress.  Here it is.

When the national head of the organization heard tell of this site a number of meetings ensued.  I’m now working with Steve Lipka, the president of the New England Chapter, Mary Adams, and the technology vendor and national management to help guide the national IMC organization into the world of CMS and Web 2.0.  Stay tuned for the outcome…

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